Taper Candle - Twist & Dip Dye Palette Amsterdam

Taper Candle - Twist & Dip Dye Palette Amsterdam

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Unique, hand-dipped twisted dinner candles. Price per candle. Package = four candles NEW! Palette Amsterdam creates colorful dinner candles such as the highly popular twisted ; dip-dye candles and designer candles with prints and patterns on the candle! Each set is designed and sold as a palette allowing your shop and customers to create an atmosphere or mood that suits their interior with just one set.

QUALITY - The candles are low-soot and low-emission.

They burn slowly for 7-8 hours, quietly and without dripping. They are 17,5cm in height and fit in almost every chandelier. HAND DIPPED

- In a Pantone-certified, unique color palette HIGH IN DEMAND

- Very popular candle style with high turnover. I am fortunate to sell many on a daily basis. Will your shop be next? UNIQUE DESIGN

- Designed by Maxine in Amsterdam and produced exclusively for Palette Amsterdam.

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